Friday, April 26, 2013

Ravensdale Cemetery

This one is near to my heart, though this was my first visit. I grew up out in Ravensdale and had looked for the cemetery a few times through the years....never with any success.

During my teenage years there were talks of parties and satanic worships there...but I never actually figured out where.

A few months ago I read an article about it on and searched it on Both which are websites I frequent and enjoy immensely.

Finally, this last Sunday I found it. I was both saddened and in awe. The cemetery lies a little off the road in the middle of a newer housing development. From the road you would have no idea there was a cemetery back there.

Findagrave states there are 39 interments buried there, though that seems to be of debate. There are graves but no recognizable names. A sign at the talks of how the cemetery was looted in the 1960's and the headstones were scattered throughout the town. It also talks of the mine explosion in 1915 which pretty much was a catalyst in the collapse of the town.

It was a peaceful setting, though unkept and forgotten by most.

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