Tuesday, April 8, 2014


HTTPS://ENERGYbits.com. Last year when my mom was ill, I had the opportunity to try ENERGYbits for the first time. I had heard about them on twitter and figured what the heck.  I knew I was going to be extra tired, stressed and couldn't risk getting sick.  

After I received my sample, I was hooked. The product is amazing and they are a wealth of knowledge and information to anyone wanting to know more.  
I continued to use ENERGYbits through my personal stress. I also used them pre walk and pre-OCR to give me the extra umph without the jittery side affects. 

Once hooked I decided that I should help spread the word and what better way then through the brand ambassador program! 
YEEEEE...I'm a brand ambassador 

I used them throughout my first half marathon in December 2013 and felt pretty good considering I just walked 13.1 miles 

I'm a huge fan of ENERGYbits and believe they can give you the energy you need on a day to day basis.  I take them almost every day to give me a little extra energy at work. I also take Recoverybits post work out & daily. 

An added bonus to having more energy is I've noticed a decrease in headaches/migraines. Anyone that knows me will attest to what a relief that has been.

If you are looking to add a healthy food to your diet and are wondering about the health benefits of algae, please check out ENERGYbits.com  You can use code smilin4sugar during check out for 20% off your order.

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