Monday, December 5, 2011

Calvary Cemetery Sept 2011

On a beautiful day in September, I left work early and headed to the Cemetery. Just off of I-5 and 74th is Calvary Cemetery & Mausoleum. It is a Catholic cemetery, and it is beautifully maintained. I didn't come armed with my camera, but did manage to take a few with my cell phone camera. Though not the best quality, I love them. I sat for a long time with Sister Mary Anastasia O'Reilly, She passed away Sept 2, 1935. It was her Deathiversary, so I spent extra time.  Having a rough day, I cried....I felt like she was there with her hand on my shoulder, embracing me when no one else could.

On this day I also met a man name Jose, he was an older gentleman of spanish descent.  He approached me as I was sitting next to the last marker pictured.  It had a picture of a mother, holding a young child....I had been sitting there for quite some time.  Jose, introduced himself to me and asked if I was there visiting family.  I stated that I was there visiting someone's family, I supposed.  We talked about how beautiful it was outside and how much he loved his job.  He had a similar view on Cemetery's that I do.  He told me that I had an amazing aura, I found this odd since I have heard this before (a few times, stories about that will come later).  He also said that I had sadness in my eyes, but that I should rest easy because it wouldn't be there forever.  I left him to do his job, while I marvelled in his blessing.

The following information is from

This independent Catholic cemetery began in 1905 and was reorganized
in 1933.  Some records were destroyed in 1933 but others are still kept
on site.  The cemetery is well-maintained and has expanded beyond its
original 34 acres.  Adjacent to the cemetery is the Old Tacoma Catholic
Cemetery which is now part of Calvary and is maintained by them.
Sister Mary Anastasia

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