Monday, December 5, 2011

Yelm Cemetery

I am not sure when I became fascinated with Cemetery's, perhaps it was on one of my visits to the South.  Seeing the Civil War Cemetery's was amazing (look for future posts).  I find these final resting places of our ancestors to be calming and relaxing.  For me it is cleansing to the soul to be able to walk among the resting places of some amazing people.  I always try to imagine what their story is, and what type of person they were. I always try to find someone that has my birthday and someone who its their "deathiversary" or the anniversary of thier death.  I sit quietly at their site and enjoy the silence.

I travelled to the Yelm Cemetery Friday November 25th, 2011.  I didn't really explore to much.  The Cemetery was small, but well maintained.  A list of interments can be found on the following site:

This was my favorite marker


  1. Great pictures :)I never looked at it the way you do tho. I like your out look.