Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The No “Girly” Push-Ups Challenge!

So I have decided to take part in a challenge, called the No "girly" push-ups challenge.  I first heard about it on Twitter and then found it on Alex's blog (Alex tries it out and several others, she was just first).

This morning was Day 1.  I am way out of shape and could barely do 2 push ups. Yes,  you read that right TWO!  I fully understand that 2 is better than 0, but I am still not happy with myself.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a morning person...so that fact that I tried this in the morning should say something about how I am dedicated to making changes in my life.  I don't know that I will succeed in this challenge of 100 push-ups by the middle of March 2013.  But I will succeed in being able to do more than TWO!

I used the website (100 pushups)  to determine my level.  I am at a 1, which means I can do less than 5 push ups.  My goal is to at least be at a 4 by the end of the challenge.

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